WrapGlove® GHOST™

GHOST™ WrapGlove® PPF•Wrap•Tint
• Made in the USA
• Lint Free
• Static Resistant
• Machine washable & Hand washable
• One size fit most (spans Medium thru XL)
Surface performance:
• Prevents oil transfer from hands to adhesive side of film
• No Fingerprint transfer to adhesive, inherent to bare hand application of PPF
• No Hot spots from hand when working kits or large panels
• Quicker movement of fluid using the gloved hand upon setting panel just before squeegee use = Less squeegee time=Higher production
• Decreased Fluid puddling using the gloved hand
• The GHOST™ feature is extremely slick so defining edges with hand is immediate, with NO drag
• Cut Resistance is A2 (extremely cut resistant).
Do not wear the GHOST WrapGlove® when climbing- Recommended “ For Ground Use Only