The ORIGINAL WrapGlove®


The Original WrapGlove® 

To the benefit of all installers today, the trials and tribulations by the originators of the brand WrapGlove®, was the proving grounds for what is now industry standard... “purposely built tools by installers for installers”.

In 2006 the vehicle wrap division of wti identified the need for a glove when applying ultra conformable wrap films with high initial tack adhesives. Those thin films not available in the us at the time was awesome in their ability to conform over almost any vehicles surface. In theory, it seemed like the answer to speeding up install times and opening up the industry to more intricate surfaces. Well, that’s where theory met reality, those thinner films came with baggage.

“Necessity breeds invention” -- a new set of tools, both mentally and physically were needed to effectively work with all the new surfaces we would encounter with these films of the future. Consequently the hand became more of a tool than just a squeegee holder, it became a controlled, conformable squeegee in its own right! However the challenge was how to keep the hand slide-able enough not to gouge and mar the medias surface. Obviously, we found, like many of you know so well, the hand is abrasive due to the texture of the skin, therefore the obvious solution was to glove the hand.

Enter the WrapGlove® back then in it’s first evolution the glove provided for no longer needing blood, sweat and tears to help the bare hand slide across the surface, we now had a glove that provides for an entire new way of applying vinyl, along with protecting the outer surface but the adhesive side too. Today's WrapGlove® is specifically constructed to optimize the applicators efforts, from preventing oil transfer to the surface, reduced scratches, anti static properties reducing the attraction of airborne dust and durable enough to maintain all those attributes after being machined washed to be used over and over again... WrapGlove® is a tool that is purposely built and entirely made in the USA!