The GraphicGlove™ is used by graphic finishing professionals. These premium media handling gloves are worn when loading, handling and working with digital media, over-laminates, printable substrates, negatives and transparencies. The GraphicGlove™ helps to prevent the transfer of oils and perspiration to the films surfaces from your hands. The GraphicGlove™ is made of a proprietary blend of materials, which is highly recommended for non-static applications, making them ideal for the graphics industry. The slip-on style, tight fit, allows for an ultra sensitive feel unmatched in the industry. "One size fits most"

      Typically, it's without much thought, we pick up a roll of media, over-laminate or printable substrate, with our bare hands.  After loading the media or substrate into the printer, we put it back into its box and/or up on its shelf or media rack.  As the media sits there, the oils and contaminants that transferred from our bare hands eventually permeate the print or photo surface, breaking down its surface, making your next print a failure. Noticeable by fingerprints, change in color, ink flow on the final finished surface resulting in a lost sale or costly reprint.  Simply put:  “When handling those expensive substrates and medias employees and owners alike, should wear the GraphicGlove™ to eliminating this potential of failure."


• Prevent fingerprints and smudges on print, substrates, media and films

• The Graphic Worlds first line of defense in Surface Protection 

• Offer excellent glide when used during hand-cutting in the shop or in the field

• Slip-on style, one size fits most & Machine washable for use over & over again!