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The HEATGlove™ is another purpose built Glove by WrapGlove® specifically built for the shrinking of window films/tint.
When purchasing this advanced product you will receive a Set of Gloves (A Shell and a Liner) these gloves when used together, will provide the installer a barrier from ultra high temperatures when using a heat gun and/or torch.
The HEATGlove™ shell is made from an advanced nylon fiber that when knitted accurately can resist surface temps way beyond what would otherwise melt the films we apply. Additionally, the fibers are supple and slide smoothly over the surface of the film as opposed to other heat resistant gloves that are coarse and are NOT engineered for what we expect as professional installers.  
The HEATGlove™ comes with a Liner, this liner was developed where there's a need for an additional barrier for the technician when in contact with high temp surfaces for extended periods, (e.g. Chrome media applications) These extended periods could be for those who may be just starting out in the trade and may be on surface for longer periods than a seasoned professional.  This liner is referred to as the “L4-Liner”, for all of you that know the Original WrapGlove® V3 its an evolution of that, but not necessarily an application glove as the V3 is. The L4-Liner is bit more supple to be the less confining when in used in conjunction with the HEATGlove™.   
WrapGlove® again has done all the work and we now have you covered in High Temp situations from the shrinking window film, to applying Chrome in a fast and efficient way while protecting the applicators hands.