GraphicGlove™ used by graphic finishing professionals. These premium media handling gloves are worn when loading, handling and working with digital media, over- laminates, printable substrates, negatives and transparencies. The GraphicGlove™ helps to prevent the transfer of oils, perspiration and smudges to the media and films your hands come in contact with. The GraphicGlove™ is made of a proprietary blend of materials, which is highly recommended for non-static applications, making them ideal for the graphics industry. The slip-on style, tight fit, allows for an ultra-sensitive feel, unmatched in the industry.  "one size fits most"


  • prevent getting fingerprints and smudges on the print, substrate, media or film
  • ensure your expensive print medias are protected from oil and sweat transfer 
  • offer excellent glide when used during hand-cutting in the shop or in the field
  • slip-on style, one size fits most